Apr. 12th, 2015

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After losing the lease on our house two and a half months ago, we've finally found another one to move into! Yay! =^.^=

Known features include:
  • A dead-end street, so no through-traffic.
  • Two floors, no attic rooms, so no more sloped ceilings for me! =^.^=
  • The street it's on is sloped a bit (or so I'm told, I haven't actually seen the place myself yet), so the backyard at least is terraced.
  • A wood fireplace on each floor, similar to what we have now.
  • A landlady who actually listens, which is a great advantage over our last landlady. (well, her husband technically)
Overall, it sounds like a lovely place to spend our next fifteen years.

We get the keys on Wednesday, the 15th, and the plan is to do a walk-through that day, planning where things will go, then move the majority of things in on the Saturday after, leaving me in the current place as an extra security measure.
Then, the Saturday after that, we move everything else over.

That should give us extra time to deal with putting things in place, acclimatizing pets to the new place, all that sort of stuff.


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