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In case I’ve never mentioned it, my cell phone is a 32GB Nexus 5 smartphone, running a pretty-much stock version of Android 4.4, especially since I’d bought it straight from Google.

Anyway, I discovered that it has a ‘screen-cast’ option, where you can wirelessly project the phone's screen to another monitor or TV, if they support that option.
Unfortunately, the screens I have access to do not, but that isn’t the only way to do it.

Fortunately, several companies sell devices or cables that plug into the phone’s USB port and provide either host-type USB ports or various other plugs, including an HDMI adapter, which I managed to buy for about fifteen bucks off Amazon.

Today I got to test it so I could show off OK Go's latest music video, I Won’t Let You Down.
Short answer: It works great!
Caveat: The speakers on the TV aren’t really that good, at least when compared to the stereo dad has.
(it would have taken more work to try getting it set up through that, so I just went with the easy option)

Anyway, I’m quite happy with how the phone and the associated accessories I’ve been buying have worked together.
I suspect I’ll be keeping this phone for a couple of years yet. =^.^=
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So, I've had my new cellphone for over a week now, and it's been a pretty nice phone so far.
The near-Qwerty keyboard's almost enjoyable to use over my last phone's letters-and-a-number keypad, though the symbols will take a little getting used to.

So far I haven't been texting any more than what I would consider normal (which means, outside of notifying my supervisor about whether I have all my papers), so I hope that doesn't change too much.
(my cell carrier's now charging 20 cents per message coming and going over the previous 15 cents, though I'm still annoyed that every carrier in the area is charging for incoming messages)

Currently, I'm also annoyed that two games I bought don't work on my phone.
This means I wasted $11 on humps of bits that don't do anything at all.

I've found several sites online that provide free software for many different cellphones and have downloaded files for programs that look interesting.

Only problem is that it won't let me install them.
Installation via the web is met by a "Permission Denied" error message, and sending the files via BlueTooth results in an "Operation Not Supported" error.

I have a few more options open to me, so we'll see how this works...
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Combining the extra pay I got from last month (due to more tandems than usual, and substituting for another route once or twice) and the check I got from the government, I had a fair bit of money to spread around this month.

So, I splurged a bit and bought myself a new cellphone, an LG Banter phone with a near-QWERTY keyboard.

It'll be quite a nice phone to use, it has already proved its worth as I was moving my contacts over from my old phone.

The one thing that'll take the most getting used to is unlocking the phone after a period of inactivity.
I have to press a key to wake it up, then press one of the soft-touch keys, then Okay before it'll let me do anything else.
(it's a slide phone, but acts like a bar phone when you're not using the slide-out keyboard)

So far, the only other problem I may have is games.

Not sure why, but my cell provider doesn't seem to properly support it.
I paid $7 for Bejeweled only to find out that it didn't work.
(it keeps giving me a ClassDefNotFound exception)

I need to call them to either fix it or get my $7 back.
After all, I paid money for a game, not a useless stack of ones and zeros...

I've managed to find third-party sites that have games for various definitions of free, but installing them is a bit of a problem.
(I may have to unlock the phone first...)


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