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Ham, pineapple, hot banana peppers, mozzarella cheese. =^.^=
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I don't read many books, so it's a little hard to decide which was last, let alone which one was great.
To make it easier on me, I'll just list two of the best books I've read in recent memory.

The first is called "The Disappearing Spoon: and other true tales of madness, love, and the history of the world from The Periodic Table of the Elements" by Sam Kean.
It documents the history of the discovery of each element on the periodic table, and what scientific advancements made it possible to discover and was made possible by its discovery.
A very thorough book that I'd highly recommend to anyone with a thirst for scientific knowledge.

The second is called "Between Silk and Cyanide: A Codemaker's War, 1941-1945" written by Leo Marks.
It's an autobiography of sorts, documenting the improvements Leo made to England's codes and ciphers during World War II.
If you ever wanted to know what kinds of codes were used to communicate between agents and England, or the situations that agents and headquarters coders were in, this is the book to read.

Both I can hardly recommend enough.
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I think back in time, to around the late '40s, early '50s, back when the old TV show "What's My Line?" was on, so I could watch them in colour.

I really prefer the old game shows the best, as they showcased people's personalities, back when the actually had personalities that weren't entirely fake.

All around, a much kinder, simpler time.
The only thing I'd miss is my computer and cell phone...
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Far, far, far too often.
I leave my email program open when I'm at home, and open it again almost as soon as I get home.

Kind of sad, really.
Most of the mail I get are from a couple of mailing lists, and I hardly read them any more...
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I try not to snack at night so I don't upset my stomach before going to bed.

However, if I'm up late enough and need to have a small something, I usually have a peanut butter and honey sandwich.
(local honey, not that pseudo-honey you buy in the large grocery stores)
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I ignore Valentine's Day.

It's my brother's birthday, so the family focuses on that instead.
(plus it just rubs in the fact that those of us who are single don't have anyone)
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Any job at all?

I'd like to be creative director for a small, unbridled, independent team of game developers.

I have a few ideas I'd love to put into a game, and working with people on them would be highly enjoyable.
(note that the unbridled part is rather important. That means no deadlines)
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White Christmas with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera Ellen.

If possible, also the movie it was a remake of, Holiday Inn, with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire.

Another of my favourites is The Muppet Christmas Carol, which is, in my opinion, the best Christmas Carol movie ever made.
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ThinkGeek's Razer Nostromo Gaming Keyboard.
You can never have too many buttons on your gaming keyboard!
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Anything by Dean Martin.
(well, okay, maybe most things done by Bing Crosby too...)

Wait, you say that's not what you meant? What did you... Oh, songs that I'd like to sing?
Huh. Give me a minute...

Anything that's relatively simple to sing, and does not involve a lot of repetition.
(I'm looking at YOU, Twelve Days of Christmas)
Something like... Dammit! Now I can't get that dammed song out of my head!
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My list of possible ideas is so long, it'd be hard to choose just one.

Well, here's the first one that comes to mind:
The Doctor from Doctor Who.

I'd like to say that we'd have a quiet tea time, chatting about his adventures, but in all likelihood, someone or something may require his attention.
Maybe he'd take me along?
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Because I live in Canada, which has a form of Tax-Free Savings Account, I'd stuff as much as I could in savings.
(that way, I can earn as much interest as I possibly could)

After that, I'm kind of torn between a few ideas.

One is buying a house, but with housing prices like they are now, I'd need the full million dollars, especially as I don't have a real job just yet.

The second is refurnishing my room, which is rather awkward right now with its sloped ceiling, and replacing my current desktop and laptop with far more powerful models.

The third option is to hire a bunch of guys and start an independent games company. I have one game on the go already, and thoughts for at least one more game, so we shouldn't be that short of ideas.

Maybe a combination of these would work...
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I don't care if it is the first date, the person who invited the other pays.
(the obvious corollary is if the involved parties make a different agreement beforehand)
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Probably a visit to the underground city of D'ni, before it was destroyed.
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I like having a moustache mostly because it's easier than shaving, and I like having at least a tiny beard so I have something to stroke while I think.
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Short answer: Yes.

I believe that there is a perfect person out there for all of us, though whether we meet that person, either at all or at the right time, is the real question.

I hope that when my time comes, I will be able to know and do something about it.
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As my LJ uses one of my online names, I haven't told most everyone who knows me from real-life, which includes my family and university friends.

I keep thinking that my online avatar is different from my real self, but I'm not so sure any more...
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For small amounts of money, which covers anything around twenty dollars and lower, I'd pocket the money and spend it at the next opportunity.
(I rather enjoy Blizzards, and there are several in the areas I frequent, so it's a pretty tasty choice)

Past that, I'd probably take some photos of where the wad was sitting, then turn it in at the nearest police station.

Currently, they have a fairly nice system set up where they advertise its recovery in the paper for two weeks, and if it hasn't been validly claimed afterwards, the person who recovered it gets to keep it.
(note, however, that if it's found in someone's wallet instead of, say, with a rubber band around it, even more effort will be expended to find the owner)

If I got to keep it after the two weeks, I'd probably put up to half of it in my Tax-Free Savings Account, then spend the rest on stuff I need and/or could really use.
(however, it's sometimes surprising to find out what I can really use versus what you'd think I could really use...)
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Video games (that is, games run by computers, no matter the shape or form they'll become) will always have a certain amount of popularity.

It's hard for me to say which way they might go, as I can see several directions they could head in.

If we ever attain real-time holographic displays and devices that project touches (essentially creating Star-Trek-style Holodecks), we'll probably dedicate entire rooms to playing fully immersive games that take full advantage of the realism involved.
This would include sports games, playing inside movie or book scenes, or anything else that the crew of the Enterprise used the Holodeck for.

On the other hand, if we ever manage to get short-range holographic displays as found in the Mass Effect series of games, we'll probably go back to games that require only a few colours (as full colour holographic displays may be kind of hard to do. At least, they're usually depicted as being monochrome) and are easy to put down (in the technical sense, not in the sense of wanting to) so you're not tied down to a computer (or your wrist computer or Omni Tool as they're called in the games) for an extended period of time.

On yet another hand (hey, how'd that third hand get there?) there's a possibility that we'll start to have our walls embedded with touch screens of a sort, so casual games that are easy to play on a section of wall would be very popular.

On still another hand (alright, who's sticking these extra hands on me!) tablet computers are getting more popular, so small-screen games that don't use much in the way of graphic detail (such as racing games, small-scale simulations, puzzle games, and the like) would become extremely popular.

Of these four possibilities, I think the last one could happen in the next five years or so (or even is happening already), while the first one is likely in the distant future.
(my personal favourite is something along the lines of the second one, as I think wrist-mounted holographic computers will one day become the norm, and game developers will have to make sure that a game can be paused at any point, not just during gameplay)
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As this question is specifically about my first purchase, I'll just mention the first actual things I'd do with my winnings, which would include setting aside about 20% of it for taxes, socking at least 25% of it away in some form of savings account (maybe a bunch of Canadian GICs).

My first purchase would probably be a new laptop, like Alienware's M11x, probably decked out with the maximum amount of memory (8GB), fastest processor (Intel Core i7, running at 2.266GHz), and probably buy the largest laptop harddrive I can find (the only drive it comes with is 500GB, unless you go for the solid-state one, which is only 256GB).
(with everything mentioned above and a few extras that I'd consider necessary, it would cost about two thousand dollars. Not sure if it's in Canadian or American dollars, though)

I'd probably have to buy a new backpack or something for it too, as all my current packs aren't rated for that much weight and stuff...


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