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So, the current weather forecast for Christmas states that the majority of Canada will have a white one, save for the Maritime provinces and southern BC.

Too bad I live in southern BC.

According to statistics, since around 1930, only around 10% of Vancouver's Christmases have been white, with the remainder typically being wet.

While I'm glad I won't have to lug my newspapers around in the snow, it is a bit of a let down that it won't be white.

On the subject of Christmas, I'm almost done my shopping, with only a couple of things left to buy and only a couple days left to buy them in.
(all it took was one trip to London Drugs, and trips to Save-On-Foods and Chapters that didn't turn up anything)

I should be able to get some time to have another shopping trip on Thursday.
Today we're going to my grandmother's house to have tea and cookies, and Friday I do apparently have some papers to deliver, so those days are kind of out...
(I've got to find a new internal video cable for my laptop, the screen's getting difficult to keep steady)


Nov. 25th, 2010 04:35 pm
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Yup, it's snowing.

So far we've got about six inches, and it should be turning to rain in a couple hours, if the weather reports are to be believed.

It sure looks nice from my vantage point from inside the house.

Despite the fact that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving today here in Canada, I'm thankful I don't have to go out in this weather.
(though I am a little extra tired from the very late newspaper deliveries I had to do to achieve this)

Unfortunately, I had to go out for a bit to clear off the hedge and clear part of the sidewalk, but it was much less than it could have been.
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And it seems that the first snow is going to be here for a bit.

The forecast is for more snow on Tuesday and maybe some on Wednesday, though it may turn to rain late Wednesday/early Thursday.

I'm not really concerned with how slippery it may be, as I've had well over eight years of experience pulling a cart full of papers on slick ice, so I'm pretty good at it.

What I'm more concerned with is keeping the papers dry as I deliver them.
The issue in this case is that snow can pile up much more easily than rain can, and so can make even bigger wet spots than a simple rainshower can.

I kind of need to get a tarpaulin and fold it up into a box-like thing to put the papers in while I'm delivering them.
There ought to be at least one way to fold it in such a way so that it's easy to open, but still keeps rain and snow out.

...I'd never expected the snow to hit so early or suddenly...


Nov. 19th, 2010 11:33 am
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Well, just like almost everybody else on my friends list, snow has come here rather early.

Typically, it doesn't snow here in B.C.'s Fraser Valley until late December or early January, and even then we only get at most about six to eight inches and doesn't stay for more than a week or so.

Two years ago, we had a bit over a foot of snow in late November or early December that stayed around for two weeks, and the current weather predictions for this year say that this year will be the same.

Yesterday, while I was delivering papers left over from the day before (they'd shown up at twenty to two in the afternoon and I hadn't had time to deal with all of them, what with the two routes I have) it was mostly raining, but at times there were snowflakes mixed in with it, at times, kind of large ones.
Later that evening, the rain turned into snow and stuck a bit, mostly on the grass though some did stick to the roads.

Today, there's a little bit of snow left so far, and it's supposed to rain a bit, so it should get washed away.
(though I just looked outside and noticed that it's not raining, it's very very fine snow, I think...)
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I have three paper routes to deliver tomorrow (Friday), as well as Laser Tag to go to in the evening, which I have to leave at 4:30pm or so for, so I have a pretty packed day.

Fortunately, I just checked the weather report, and it indicates that it's going to be cloudy with sunny periods.

Woot for no rain!

It may even change a bit over to sunny with cloudy periods, or even to completely sunny, who knows?
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These past couple of months have been rather wet on average, with rain of some sort almost every day, save for a few rather important days.

Those days are Wednesdays and Fridays, when I deliver my newspapers.

Aside from those days, it's usually a little wet around here.

It's been like this for a few months now, and I'm pretty thankful for this.
(especially as Canadian Thanksgiving was just yesterday)

In case anybody wants to keep an eye on the weather in my area, check out CBC's Vancouver Weather page periodically and see how the weather predictions change the closer it gets to Wednesdays and Fridays.
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Well, it went from quite wet this last week straight to very sunny this weekend, and I just found out just how fast it was.

The indicator? My arms.

They're rather red right now, and the back of my neck is a little itchy.
(I just got a haircut to boot)

So now I have kind of red arms, with a white strip around my right wrist where I wear my watch.
(yes, I'm right-handed, but I wear my watch on my right wrist. I'm semi-ambidextrous)

I only just found out about this, so I don't know if it'll start hurting yet.

I just hope this lovely weather holds up for a while, it's more enjoyable than pouring rain, and plus I get the chance to take pictures!
(which I will be posting later, once I get enough of them cropped and scaled)
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So, one of my fellow carriers was unable to deliver his three routes for last Friday, so my supervisor asked if I could substitute for one of them, then asked if I might be interested in another.

For some strange reason, I accepted all of them.
(this in addition to my normal route, making a total of four routes in one day, on top of a class in the morning)

My supervisor was very understanding if I wasn't able to deliver all the routes in one day, there was no issue with delivering the rest on the Saturday.
She also wanted to know which routes I delivered on the Saturday so she could properly field any complaints that might arise without them showing up in my file.

The weather reports for the Friday and Saturday were not good, probabilities of at least 60% chances of rain, with no indication of sun.

So, it rained that morning until I got home from class, then the sun came out and the wind blew almost all the clouds away, leaving it bright and dry, near perfect delivery weather.
(the report for Saturday was still that it would rain, but the chances had dropped to 40% from 60%)

Again, it had rained during the night, but had cleared up to be bright and sunny again while I delivered the second two routes I'd missed on Friday.

It even stayed nice and dry while I had a lunch break between routes.

Not long after I finished the second and final route, it started raining lightly.
(almost like it was wondering if I needed to go out again later)

Later into the night and into Sunday, it started getting rather windy and the rain started pounding harder, so I'm glad I didn't have to do any more deliveries than that.

It's kind of surprising how accommodating the weather can be, especially when you don't have very good protection for the newspapers.
(all I have is an umbrella and a cart covered with black garbage bags. I'm thinking about upgrading the umbrella to a full, waterproof cloak, which would enhance still further the protection I'm giving the papers as I carry them up to each house. Protecting the papers while they're still on the cart, however, is still an issue I don't have a straight answer for yet)

Other times, I've just arrived back home after delivering papers (especially the times I've forgotten an umbrella) when the sky opens up and drops a deluge of rain that would have soaked me to the skin.

Somebody up there likes me, and I take this as proof that this is where I'm supposed to be in my life right now.
(which doesn't help the pay – about $10 a day, twice a week – but at least it's some pocket money)
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<voice volume=loud>Stop the snow!</voice>

Despite the fact that I live on what we usually term the We(s)t Coast (which usually doesn't get much snow, it usually rains more than snows during our winters), this winter has been rather different.
We got our first snow early this year (as in around Christmas time, as opposed to early or mid-January), and it was heavier than we usually get (around six inches to a foot, though we usually only get about three to six inches).

And we're still getting more snow!
This whole week we've had about two inches a day, though most of it melts before sundown.

Why can't it just stop already?!?!


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