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Well, YouTube changed their system yet again, and now I can't really use it on my poor, underpowered main laptop any more.

It used to only take up to about half of my laptop's processor time and provided quite acceptable video quality and frame-rate.

Now, with the new system they've "upgraded" to, it hogs the entire processor and only gives me one frame every two seconds, at most.

Completely unusable now.
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Gee, I have so much to say today.
I guess I'll just dump it all in one as it's almost 2:30am...
There is a branch of Electronic Arts in a nearby city and they hold playtesting sessions almost every week.
I first learned about this, well, maybe a year ago, and started applying for positions of interest.
(problem is that the nearest location doesn't create games in the genres I'm interested in)

Anyway, I was finally accepted for one this week (it was today, actually. Or more like yesterday. Okay, let's just say it was on Wednesday and leave it at that) and had a lot of fun.

As I signed an NDA, I can't say much about what happened, and mentioning even the type of game would pinpoint which location I was at, so I'll remain mum on that.
(the NDA lasts for a year, so I've got to wait until September 16, 2011 just to be on the safe side)

Anyway, in payment for having us playtest their game, we were each given one free game from the EA store.
We were told to give them a list of three possible games that we wanted and they'd pick what they had in stock.

Unfortunately, they had none of my choices in stock (LEGO Batman, Battlefield 2142 Deluxe, Battlefield 2: Complete Collection), so I had to choose something else from the store.

Apparently even my recently-built PC is still lagging far behind what is current in the games industry, as the latest Battlefield game (Bad Company 2) would not run much or at all even on that!
(the minimum requirements list a dual-core processor, and a quad-core is recommended!)

So I opted for something that could be similar: Mass Effect 2: Collector's Edition.
(hey, since it was free, I may as well go for the best version)

I haven't installed it yet, as I've got a number of much more important things to do.
Actually, this makes me wonder if I really have any free time to play games...
As my Wednesdays and Fridays are (in general) available, I've taken on a second paper route.
It's a bit less than a hundred papers and I'm not getting paid the ten-cent flat rate for them (six cents base and half a cent for every flyer over six, with bonuses for any extra deliveries that may be given), so I won't be getting double what I'm getting now.
But, it's in a new area, so I'll be able to meet new people and visit a new neighbourhood.

Though it makes me wonder if there's a reason I seem to be learning this much about my neighbourhood.
I wonder if I'll eventually need this information for something...
And now for something completely fascinating:
Marble Machine 3, by xeniaguy2, a grandfather, if I'm not mistaken.
It's an intriguing set up, where the initial marble is inserted into the machine at the bottom, and is brought to the top by means of carefully designed and counterbalanced levers.
(it's important to note that it's only initially brought to the top in that fashion, after that, it's brought to the top again via a 21lb counterweight, as the initial mechanism isn't easy to reset)

Once you've watched that one, there are quite a lot of other marble machines out there, including this one that's about the size of a business card:
Card-sized SPACEWARP, by denha.

You really get inspired by this sort of thing.
It really makes me wish I could get into the game...
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I'd actually found more stuff a few nights ago than I'd posted.
(and here I was supposed to be doing homework. Three assignments due each on three consecutive days, most difficult one first, least difficult one second, and middling one due last)

It's a YouTube channel by the name of FlippyCat and aside from seeming to be Canadian (he seems to celebrate every Canada Day, while only doing one or maybe two Independence day videos), he seems to have a lot of two things on his hands: Time and coloured dominoes.

Here are some highlights of his rather extensive collection:
A die, the world, Dominoes of dominoes, and Domono Lisa.
He has over 120 videos on his channel, so go have a look!

I'm feeling rather envious, actually. It looks like fun (aside from the part about needing steady hands, of course)
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You guys might find it revealing if I list a bunch of movies I'd like to own:
  • The Incredibles
  • Wall-E
  • Kung-Fu Panda
  • Cats the musical (the Commemorative Edition would be fine)
  • Anything by Wayne and Schuster
  • Flushed Away (mostly for the singing slugs)
  • Monsters vs Aliens (I haven't seen it yet, though I'm interested)

There's more, but I don't remember much else right now.

Speaking of movies, I found this piece of artwork by Jolly Jack (of Collected Curios fame):

Easily Amused

It had several links to YouTube videos in which video clips from BBC's Natural History unit were transformed into incredibly hilarious clips:
Ant alarm
Walk on the wild-side Alan
Funny Talking Animals
(the last one listed by JJ is country-locked so I can't see it, but I'm sure it's funny)


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