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I received the replacement Colour-changing LED Lightbulb that was missing from my last order today, and despite the fact that I was told that it would be marked as a replacement for what hadn't been in a previous order, was still charged $16.11, which meant that I paid duty, handling fees, and taxes twice on one item.

Fortunately, I'd been told that if I was charged, to keep the paperwork and let them know about it and they'll reimburse me for it.

I hadn't had time to call them back about my order coming in, so I'm going to try again tomorrow (Saturday, if they're open), though I may have to wait until Monday to call again.

Installation of the lightbulb was very easy:
  1. Unscrew existing bulb in desklamp
  2. Screw new LED bulb into desklamp
  3. Turn desklamp on
  4. Fiddle with remote control

It's been kind of fun to play with so far, though there are some buttons I haven't been able to figure out yet.
(for instance, Setup and Cancel. And no, it didn't come with an instruction manual)


Jan. 12th, 2011 06:14 pm
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So, the glacier finally melted!

Today the second part of my Chapters order has arrived (Fiendish Sudoku) as well as half of my ThinkGeek order.
(technically it was supposed to be the whole order, but the Colour-changing LED Light bulb with remote was missing, though all the paperwork claimed it should be there. A quick call to their helpline alerted them to the issue and they'll be sending me out a new one soon)

The part I did get was their ProMini BT-Touch, a presentation BlueTooth keyboard/touchpad combo.
I've actually typed most of this entry out with this keyboard, and am quite happy with it so far.
I expect I'll be able to use this more later in life when I actually get a job where I do presentations, but it'll be fairly handy even now.

The official website claims it can be used for games, but I don't think you could use it for much more than word-games.
Maybe I need more practice with it first...
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I've recently ordered three books through Chapters online store, each of which seems to be getting shipped separately.
(the third book was listed as taking 1-2 weeks to ship, so it seems I must wait a while for that one)

The first one arrived on Friday, and the second one was shipped the Thursday before, but according to the tracking information, it's currently sitting at a mail depot waiting for something or other that the tracking information doesn't mention.

I've also placed another order with ThinkGeek on Thursday, and so far, only the parcel information seems to have made it to a DHL facility.

Sheesh, it's almost a much fun as watching glaciers move... =>.<=
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So, apparently you can buy prepaid Visa cards from the Vancity chain of banks here, and the fee is a pretty reasonable two dollars.

There's this really, really geeky website called ThinkGeek full of geeky tools, toys, caffeinated candy, shirts, and, well, lots of other stuff.

As my budget was rather small ($70 CAN), and shipping by either method (UPS or DHL) was almost the same price as the items themselves, I could only go up to about $30 US (trying to keep under so I don't have problems with the exchange rate).

Lots of stuff I'd like is rather expensive (over $50 US, though the stuff I'd really like is over $100 US), so I had to stick to small, inexpensive stuff.
Fortunately, their inexpensive stuff is still interesting:

My order should arrive sometime around Wednesday or Thursday, according to the shipping information, and my order has just been assembled, so it should be picked up on Monday.


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