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Well, in a preliminary form, anyway.

It finally works on my Android tablet!

Not entirely sure what was wrong, but removing the code that loaded up a couple of images used for buttons made it work, somehow.
(could be my order of operations, not sure)

Next, I need to streamline my testing process, as I have to change things on one machine, copy it through another computer to put on an SD card, then put the SD card in my tablet, install the latest version on the tablet, then (finally!) test it out.

If it doesn't work, I have to launch another application that lets me see the debugging logs, then try to figure out what went wrong, and start the whole thing over again.
(not the best development chain, I know. However, I can't use my card reader on my desktop machine for some reason)

I also need to add back some form of score-keeping (so players know how well they're doing), as well as some form of levels, and state-saving, so you don't get a new game every time you leave the game for whatever reason.

But it works! Woot! =^.^=
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I think the "weeeeeeee!" factor has died down by now, and I've started actually using my new tablet for real now.
Though I haven't done any real "work" with it, mostly playing games and browsing the web...

First, a couple of gripes.
Since this was such an inexpensive tablet, it uses a pressure-sensitive screen instead of capacitance, so it's not quite as accurate as it could be, but with the advantage of using almost anything I want for a stylus.
Also since it was so inexpensive, it's running a very old version of Android (1.5 versus the latest 3.2 or so that they're up to now), and as my development kit only goes back to 2.1, I can't write software for it that way.
(it's also underpowered, but I can live with that, for now)

As for games, I've found a couple that I find fun to play:
I've found a note-taking application called Note Everything that I've found easy to use.

The web browser I'm rather disappointed with, though.
I use browser tab a lot, and the built-in browser doesn't handle that very well.
So far, I haven't found a good replacement either.

All in all, a little disappointing, but still workable and quite usable.
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So I've been playing around with my new Android tablet my parents gave me for my birthday, and have noticed several things so far:
  • It doesn't come with any note-taking applications out of the box.
  • Being a low-end device (it's made by a company called Pandigital and costs less than $100 for the 7" version), it does not have the Android Market installed.
    This is a major issue when I'm trying to find software to install, as it means I can't install anything that's only available through the Android Market site.
  • I'll need to buy a bigger SD card.
    Due to not having the proper YouTube viewer installed, I'm currently stuck with a YouTube downloader which downloads the videos to the SD card, which is only 512MB in size.
  • The "SlideME/SAM" software manager doesn't always work, though it is consistent in what doesn't work.
    (ie, it's not random. Certain applications simply can't be installed due to an error when checking system requirements. Unfortunately, some of those programs that won't work I really wanted to try...)
  • The built-in browser works quite well, and plays nicely with other installed browsers.
    (ie, if there are multiple browsers installed, you can make it ask which browser to open each link with)
  • On a similar note, the Dolphin Browser feels very crippled, or something. I have been unable to find the buttons to add and manage bookmarks. To make things even more annoying, most operations seem to be triggered by gestures, and I haven't been able to trigger any of them no matter how hard I try.
    Needless to say, I've removed that browser and switched back to the default one.
It's a little under-powered, but that's nothing new to me, as I'm used to being kind of light in that regard.

The wifi support is pretty good, which is a really good thing, as it doesn't have a network jack in it.
There's also a switch on top that allows me to turn the wireless card off when I don't need it.

On the whole, it's rather handy to have something really portable to browse the net with, though we'll see just how useful it is for testing my Android projects on...
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Some interesting things have happened recently.

Just yesterday I purchased a new writing tablet, and am having an interesting time getting used to using it.
I'm not quite yet used to how sensitive it is, and that whole bit about it counting as a click only when touching the pad is rather much as yet.

It's a Genius G-Pen 340, and comes with drivers for Windows 98SE and up, and Mac drivers (though I don't have one).
The one set of drivers I didn't find were for Linux (which has been my primary OS for about a year and a half now), though the wiki for my distro (Ubuntu Linux) did happen to list how to install a driver that would work for most "WizardPen" tablets, though mine works with it.
They're still a little "raw" (unfinished), and hotplugging isn't supported yet (yet, mind you), and the shortcuts on the pad don't work yet, but those are all things the open-source developers are working on.

If anybody happens to have some suggestions as to tips and techniques for using it, I'd be happy to hear about them.

The price?
A bargain of $59, plus tax, in Canadian dollars.

Otherwise, it's been rather quiet around here, which is probably a good thing.
My legs aren't too happy about walking for about two hours today delivering papers.
I help my "little" brother deliver a newspaper, and today we had Canadian Tire catalogues to deliver also.
So what we did was deliver the papers first, then pausing long enough to load up the catalogues, we delivered them, too.
They were much heavier than the papers were, despite the fact that they were smaller (must be all the wax they use), so at the end my legs were pretty tired and sore.

I'll be sitting around for awhile just resting, so it's a good thing I have things to do (mostly Sudoku), otherwise I'd be pretty bored just twiddling my thumbs.


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