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Well. Last time I mentioned my adventures at the Spiral Knights Auction House, I was at about three hundred thousand Crowns (the in-game currency).

Just after that post, a friend I had on Steam realized that he isn't playing Spiral Knights any more, and traded his entire tradeable inventory for all the Team Fortress 2 metal I had.
So I got a huge influx of Crowns, Crystal Energy, and tons upon tons of Materials.

The trade didn't contain too much in the way of Crowns, but there were piles upon piles of Materials that I've been slowly selling-off.
This means that I currently have a little over eight hundred thousand Crowns! =^.^=

Hmm, not really sure what more I can add here, aside from notes about the seemingly random fluctuations of material prices.
Any questions or comments?
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I thought I'd give you guys an idea of how prices change in the Spiral Knights Auction House.
(unfortunately, I don't have any idea why the prices change, just that they do)

A good example is Red Shards.
Up until the last three days, Red Shards were selling for anywhere from 20 crowns each up to 75 crowns each, and I was selling out pretty quickly by pricing mine at 65 crowns each.
Within the last three days, somebody appears to have started buying them up a little faster than normal, which means that, for the most part, I kept finding the cheapest ones were around 100 crowns each, so was still selling pretty quickly at 95 crowns each.

Another example is Beast Scales.
Up until recently, they were priced around the 240 crown mark, now they're selling quite quickly at 300 crowns each.
(not much of a change, but enough for me to notice)

On the bad side of the scale, however, is Sharp Fangs.
Originally selling moderately quickly for 95 crowns each, they're now hovering around 40 crowns each.

In other Spiral Knights-related news, one of my other Steam friends hasn't been playing SK in a while, and so traded his entire tradable inventory to me for my Team Fortress 2 metal.
Now I have plenty more materials to sell! =^.^=
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Spiral Knights is a cartoonish RPG-style game where you fight beasts, gremlins, slime monsters, mechanical contraptions, and more on your way down to the core of a planet, earning in-game currency (crowns) and materials used for crafting along the way.

If you play for a long time, you can amass quite the collection of materials, and if you don't use them up yourself, you can post them to the Auction House to make some more money.
(though there is a 10% fee on the final sale price of anything sold through the AH)

Play your cards right, and you can make quite a bit of crowns buying materials posted at ridiculously cheap prices (when people are dumb enough to post them that low) and sell at higher prices.
I think I had a week once where I made at least 20,000 crowns a day, from trading at the Auction House alone, not including the money I made from my forays into the planet itself.

Unfortunately, you also have to be wary of changes in the market.
If prices go up, you'll do fine. But if they come down, you could run into some problems.

For instance, Bushy Tails had been selling for somewhere around 900 crowns when I first started trading them, so I'd load up on them when I could just so I could earn that much more money.
Then the price slowly started to go down, and I was able to buy them for 600 or even 500 crowns each, but still sell them for 800 crowns, which made a profit of about 120 or 220 each.

Unfortunately for me, the prices have dropped still further, with the vast majority of Bushy Tails selling for between 500 and 700 crowns, leaving me with almost ninety Bushy Tails that I'm still trying to sell.

The good news is that I have lots more materials available to sell, so I'm not really hurting for in-game money.
Just today, I again broke the 100,000 crown barrier again.
(for reference, the highest I ever got was around 350,000 crowns)

Another example is Red Shards. Somehow I managed to pick up 400 (not all at once, of course) for the ridiculously-low price of 10 crowns each.
I'm now selling them for around 65 crowns each for a very nice mark-up of around 50 crowns per shard sold. =^.^=

Also, it's apparently a good thing that I'm on a prepaid cellphone plan, and that I don't use up much in the way of minutes on it.
Three Rings, the company that produced Spiral Knights, has quite a variety of payment options, and even includes payments via cellphone, so I can use up my extra credits to buy in-game energy, which I can then sell for even more in-game currency.
(each month, I add $10CDN to my cellphone plan to keep it from expiring, and when I have $20 or more left on it, I buy about $5-worth of energy. It's a useful - to me - purpose for the extra credits, instead of wasting it on mobile games I won't or can't play)
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I've discovered a new (to me) free RPG that's rather fun.

It's called Spiral Knights, and it's developed by Three Rings (the same company that created Puzzle Pirates), distributed by SEGA, and you can also find it on Steam.
(if you get it through Steam, you'll get a free "Spiral Sallet" hat in TF2, but if you create an account directly with them, you can run the Linux version if you want it)

The story is rather loose, so it doesn't get in the way of the gamplay.
The Order of the Spiral Knights, while scanning an unknown planet, managed to crash into it, and are now stranded on the planet's surface.
The planet appears to be made up of hundreds of unique stratum, all of which appear to be artificial in origin.
As the ship the Order had lost its power source, they are looking for a new one.
However, the planet's core seems to contain a very powerful source of energy, so teams of Knights are being sent down to investigate, which is where you come in.

It's been rather fun, and even has a built-in mechanism that keeps you from playing too long.

In order to go down a level, it costs you 10 units of energy.
Your suit has an energy tank that can store up to 100 units of "mist" energy, but only recharges at the rate of approximately one unit per 13 minutes, with an overall charge time of 22 hours.
It is possible to buy more energy in crystal form (which can be used an an extension of your mist energy), but either costs real money or lots of in-game currency.
Also, crafting new weapons and armour costs energy as well, and the higher-level items cost quite a bit of energy to craft.

It's available for Windows, Mac and Linux from their website directly, but only for Windows and Mac through Steam.
(a potential benefit of the Steam version is the Steam Overlay, which allows players to chat with each other even during load times)

If you do happen to try it out, you can find me under Carlfoxmarten.
(apparently they don't like spaces or more than one upper-case letter)


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