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I haven't mentioned it here yet, but I've got a cold right now.
It's a heck of a lot better than when I first got it, because it came with a sore throat, which made it even harder to bear.

And the worst part is, it was entirely my fault for getting it.

Last Thursday, I was heading home on Transit, wearing little more than a polo shirt and a thin jacket, for two hours.
(and jeans, of course)

Prior to this, I'd been able to wear so little on my walks, but that was because I kept moving, and at a pretty good clip to boot.

Unfortunately, Transit doesn't allow you to move around very much, so I was hit with the full force of the less-than-5°C weather, causing the cold and sore throat combination.
Fortunately, the sore throat lasted only a couple of days, so I'm now down to the cold.

To help combat this, I've been having drinks of hot water, lemon juice, salt, and honey.
It tastes alright, and has a somewhat soothing effect.
The only annoyance is that the glasses we have are a bit too small...

The good news is that I've already started coughing stuff up, and have been for at least four days now, so this cold's days are numbered.
The bad news is that it means my "seasonal sniffles" already have the jump on me...
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After barfing up the entire contents of my stomach Tuesday night, spending the entire night hopping up to dash to the bathroom every hour or so, and trying to figure out what food I can eat (toast wasn't going down nicely, oddly enough), I'm starting to feel better.

I felt good enough that I tried to deliver one of my two routes, but really shouldn't have, as I got extremely exhausted afterwards.
(I haven't been that tired in ages)
So I napped for a couple of hours, and sent my supervisor a message saying I'll be able to do the other route tomorrow.

My supervisor understands and has said I can recycle Wednesday's papers. I'll probably keep one bundle in case anybody asks for a copy.
(so far, nobody's asked. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing)

I'm not quite up to eating as much as I do when I'm well, though that'll come as I finish whatever this was off, which should be by around Tuesday, I think.

The unfortunate part is that everybody has now had it at some point in the last week.
As my younger brother had it first, he's practically back to normal, though my mom who had it second is trailing a bit longer than I expected.

I'd kind of like to know what it was, but kind of not, as it's possible my brother picked it up from a Chinese food kiosk in the mall.
(we'd originally thought it was food poisoning from the prawns, which had been sitting there for who-knows-how-long)

To help keep my mind off things, I started rereading my Hardy Boys books at the beginning.
Some day I've got to try collecting the rest, as I'm sure I only have around twenty out of fifty-six books in the original series.
(I'm not sure I really care for the more modern rewrites of the series, they've felt far too modern or even futuristic. If I want futuristic, I can go read a Tom Swift book)
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Well, I had my last final exam on Thursday, then I have problems sleeping that night, eventually getting up to get some apple cider vinegar and water to help settle my stomach, but it doesn't, so I hardly get any sleep at all, then I wake up with a lump in my throat that won't go away.

Fortunately, it wasn't enough of a deal to keep me from delivering Friday's papers, but I gradually got a little grumpier as the day wore on, which my mom noticed, and sent me to bed after eating some tomato soup.
Then I had crazy dreams as I'd just been in the middle of a Mass Effect mission...

Now I'm tired, hungry and thirsty all at the same time, not a good combination.

At least there was a good update to Team Fortress 2 today...
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Good news: my Grandmother just bought a new LCD monitor, a 22" widescreen thing, to replace her old LCD monitor, and sent the old one home with my brother.

Apparently, nobody else here wanted it, so I got it!
I've used it to replace my old CRT, whose focus has been failing for the last four months, making everything over 1024x768 kind of fuzzy.
(hence why I haven't been using the desktop computers for a while)

With the new monitor, things are almost perfectly crisp, save for some slight ghosting, which can be effectively ignored, especially on high-speed games.

The bad news: I must have slept with my mouth open again, as I now have a ball of dust in my throat again, and it's making me feel off. Rather off.

My balance is a little unsteady, my head is, while not completely full of cotton, not thinking very clearly, and my body temperature is fluxuating a bit.

I lay down for an hour or two today, and didn't feel much better afterwards.
I've take a Tylenol and am heading to bed right after this, so I hope I feel better tomorrow.
(as Tuesdays are my busiest days, with one class nearby in the morning and another class late at night on the farther campus)
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While I'm feeling a little better today, I'm still a little dizzy and the lump in my throat is still hard to talk around...
(started yesterday as a sore throat, today I stayed home from class, though I should have tried delivering newspapers anyway...)


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