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So I tweaked and uploaded more pictures of Myst Online: Uru Live (again).
This time, we also have pictures of the main D'ni city, called Ae'gura.

First, one of the two hallways accessible in Kv'eer:

And the rest is behind the cut. To pique your interest, but save your Friends Page )
Nothing much new has been happening in MO:ULa, as I've been a little busy with other things, and I'm almost out of things to do without needing a second pair of hands.
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I've started to take more pictures with my KI (a D'ni communication device), and these two were so lovely, they just had to be shown off:
Two beautiful pictures behind cut )
One of the many reasons I love playing the Myst series of games is the sheer beauty of the worlds created by Cyan Worlds.
Every game seems to be even more eye-catching and wondrous than before.

Uru Live is no exception to this, and as you can directly take pictures of the world in-game, and (with a bit of tweaking) extract the images and (slightly) improve the colours, you can take pictures of the world that you can share with others!

There is a thread on the official Myst Online: Uru Live forums specifically for showing off pictures of Uru, most of them with some tweaking to improve the realism, but it doesn't take much to have them looking very pretty.
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Ever since I first started as a university student, I've been helping out around campus on various volunteer opportunities, usually Open House and Orientation.

We have about one open house event a year (on rare occasions we have two), and of the three or four times I've helped out, nobody's managed to snap a picture with me in it.

It's kind of odd, really. They usually have two or three photographers (one or two volunteers for the volunteer office and one from the PR office), and the pictures would get posted online somewhere, with a link sent out to the participants.

The last couple of years I've also helped out the computing science department, so there's an additional camera taking pictures.
(and another one that always seems to miss seeing me)

This last open house, the departmental camera almost got a picture of me (I'm behind someone, but you can see who I'm talking with), while one of the other cameras did manage to get me.

First time in what, four years?
(and it was still only ONE picture!)


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