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All the Zellers stores in Canada are closing down as a result of the US Target store buying them out from the HBC Group. As a result, all Zellers locations have discounts on everything in store.

When I was there on Friday I picked up half-a-dozen music CDs, which would ordinarily cost me $20 each for a total of $120 plus tax.
With the sales, each disk was $5 each with 40% off that, for a final total of $20 including tax!

Among the albums I got was Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and Tom Jones. =^.~=

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It's kind of disappointing to find out that the albums you listened to as a kid are no longer available to buy, and even more disappointing to find out that there's hardly any record that they were even released at all.

Case in point: "Canada: A Land and its Songs"

It was released in 1987 (about 25 years ago) on tape and was a bunch of folk songs written about Canada written by a bunch of Canadians.
My favourite track that I can sing along to is called "Christian Island" and talks about a man's love for his boat.
There's also "Squid Jiggin' Ground", "Acadian Saturday Night", and "Moody Manitoba Morning", to name a few.

Search Google for that without quotes, and you get lots of pages that don't talk about the album.
Search for 'Canada "a land and its songs"' instead, and you get all of two pages, which are both on Dick Nolan's site, who was one of the artists on that album.

I think the tape is now dead, as I haven't been able to play it recently.
It's fortunate that my dad had converted it to MP3s a while ago, but unfortunate that he hadn't removed all the background noise (the tape hiss for example), and several songs that faded out were cut short.
(the noise removal can be done now, but the cut off fades can't be repaired unless we can get another recording off another copy)
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I must have listened to the Freakazoid theme song a few too many times, because now I have bits and pieces of a parody with the same music where the words relate to Star Wars...
(in particular, the very first instalment, episode 4)

So far, I have a few lines, and will be fleshing out the rest as I think of them.

What have I started...
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Video Games Live is a "concert experience" where an orchestra, chorus, and some additional instruments play the soundtracks from a bunch of video games in front of live audiences.

I managed to borrow a copy of one of their albums from one of the libraries in the area, and rather enjoyed listening to it.

They have a couple of DVDs out, the latest of which I'll be carefully considering getting a copy of (it's only around $18CDN, possibly plus shipping), in addition to possibly getting their latest album.

They're also coming to Vancouver sometime in April this year, though the tickets look like they'll cost as much $40 or $60.
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My brother gave my dad a documentary on Motown music for his birthday, so he's been watching bits and pieces of it, and I've been around to see little bits and pieces of it here and there.

Fascinating stuff.

It's so intriguing to see how some of those famous musicians got to where they were then, and to hear them perform live for the documentary was great.

I've got "Broken Hearted" stuck in my head now.
It's rather enjoyable, actually...
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Listening to: Houston, by Dean Martin

According to the liner notes for Dino: The Essential Dean Martin, (as written by daughter Gail Martin Downey), the distinct percussive instrument you hear at the beginning of the song is an empty glass Coca-Cola bottle.
Interesting how a "found instrument" such as that could make a hit song, eh? =^.^=


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