Jul. 13th, 2013 12:31 pm
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I've finally got a job!

It's at my mom's favourite quilt shop, as a sewing machine technician, so it's within walking distance with people I already like.

Friday mom had gone over because of a sale they're having (apparently, one particular fabric sold out two bolts-worth already) and once she got home, commented that one of their employees is now off on a missions' trip and they're pretty busy right now.

So I walked over to have a talk with the owner and see if they were interested.

Turns out, he was.
He'd wanted to try talking to my mom before she left, but the place was so hectic he didn't manage to.

So now I've got some government forms to fill out and hand back in, and will be starting on Monday when they head off to some schools to work on their machines.

The only downside so far is the fact that I have to get up real early, for me anyway.
(around 6am, and get picked up at my house around 7:15)

So yeah, job! =^.^=
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So, my knees are good enough to go walking again, but I'm not about to trust them for running, at least not yet.

It's kind of funny.
"Normal" use doesn't require strenuous use of your body.
Unfortunately, the kind of work I've been doing does require more than normal amounts of work...
(at least, it's funny until you think about it)

It'll probably take a couple more weeks before I'll try to go back to work, if I'm not doing anything else by then.

On another employment front, I've done some software work for a company my brother works with, and am currently looking at doing some more work for another company, connecting their online ordering system with an accounting package.

An odd thing about the past few months is that I haven't been in the mood to do anything art-related.
Sure, I've started a few scenes, but nothing has really been coming through very well, so I haven't been posting anything.
(one thing that bugs me about the Blender groups on DeviantArt are the artists who post excruciatingly early pictures of their work. As in, default gray materials, few lights, just the meshes)

Another interesting thing.
I have noticeably gained a bit more confidence with the door-to-door lawn aeration work.
Somebody approached me about delivering flyers to a bunch of houses in the neighbourhood and I was able to give firm, confident answers to their questions.
Granted, my price for delivering their flyers was probably a little steep, but hey, I'm worth it.
I've delivered newspapers to close to a thousand houses in my area, and have worked for the newspaper for over twelve years, so I definitely have the experience to do such a thing.

Now, if only this newfound confidence would help me get a proper job somewhere...
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My hour-long telephone interview will be on Wednesday, May 30th.
(which happens to be my mother's birthday, strangely enough)

Next up, I need to see how fast I can get a new passport...

I would really like this job, despite the fact that it would mean moving out of Canada.
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The benefits of having a publicly-posted job profile are starting to add up.

First, Google contacted me about a year ago.
(pity they ran out of spots before I got my resume to them)

Now, someone from Amazon is inquiring.

Would those that do, please pray that I say and do the right things so I can get this job?
Yes, it could mean moving to Seattle, but right now, that's preferable to staying here at home...
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Huh. Apparently I hadn't commented on this here yet.

About three or four weeks ago, I attended an alumni social event put on by my university's applied sciences department, and met a few people.

Apparently, I made enough of an impression on one of them that he mentioned my name to a company he had business with, and had me call someone in the organization for a quick chat.
That person had me send him my resume and transcript, and then he went on vacation without me hearing anything more.

Fortunately, (yes, fortunately) he had tried to send me a message before leaving on his vacation, but somehow I hadn't received it, so he sent it again after he got back.

The upshot of it is that I have a "short introductory meeting" with him on Friday.

Yes, I'm nervous, why do you ask?
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I'd removed AVG due to my extreme annoyances with it, then remembered that there was another anti-spyware tool I hadn't remembered to install just yet: Ad-Aware Free.

In my past history with it, I've been fairly happy with it, though it usually hasn't found anything.

Today I found signs that it just might include an antivirus tool along with the anti-spyware kit.
In the settings dialog under the "Protection Layers" heading, there's about four checkboxes, with one of them mentioning "Antivirus".

I'll be checking this rumour out later, but for now, I'm throwing this up so you guys can be aware of the possibility.

In other news, I have not yet submitted my resume to Google just yet.
Something seems to be holding me back.

It could just be the perfectionist in me, trying to get the "perfect" resume, when I have so little experience writing them.

Though it could also be the fear of the unknown.
If I did get this job, I'd be moving well out of my known sphere of the world, more-or-less on my own.

My parents would rather I moved to Seattle, where they could visit me more readily, but, given the option, I'd much prefer to go to Waterloo.
I don't think I'm ready to move to the Sates just yet. I think there's a reason I live in Canada, though I don't know what it could be just yet.

When I have time before Friday, I think I'll just throw a resume together, regardless of whether it follows any previously-preferred standard, send it off to the rep and see what happens.

I've spent almost my whole life doing things that are just slightly off the beaten track, and so far in my life, things have turned out just fine.
(for the most part, anyway)

Last week, I had the opportunity to do a last-minute playtesting session of Need For Speed: The Run before the interactive demo was sent to E3, and, due a mix-up with my list of preferred games not being available at the store at that time, will now be getting a copy of NFS: Hot Pursuit in the mail sometime next week.

If that doesn't make sense, try this: I live fairly near to an Electronic Arts location, and they have a public Playtesting program, where you sign up for emails listing the sessions available in the next week, you fill out a survey for the sessions you want, and if you're chosen, you get paid in games.
Up to a three-hour session is generally one game, while the multi-day sessions sometimes net you as many as three games!
(due to the way it works, though, you don't get to choose from every title they've released, and are limited to what they have in their store at the time. This how I got a free copy of Mass Effect 2: Collector's Edition and got introduced to the ME series)
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Since it's been a bit of a while since the last time I posted an update on current happenings around here, so here's another update.

Part 1: Education
My graduation application was accepted, and I'll be graduating on June 17th with a BSc (Bachelor of Science, Computing).

I've confirmed that I'll be attending the ceremonies, now I just need to rent the regalia for the event.
(so far I know that they'd prefer you to use a credit card online, and it costs exactly $30, tax included)

Part 2: Open house
This Saturday (May 28th) is the nearest campus open house, and I'll be presenting a software program that I hope will get used to teach first-year students programming techniques.

So far, I have two problems that I need to have dealt with before then. The first is that the program is nowhere near done enough to present, and the second thing is that I don't know when I'm off for lunch.
(supposedly I'm off at 2pm for lunch, and have to be back by 1pm)

Part 3: Mom's birthday on Sunday
It's only a few days until mom's birthday and I think all I have is a card just yet.
(I'd picked up a CD for her of the Irish Tenors, then found out she doesn't like tenors)

I got her a $50 gift card for her favourite fabric store and a bottle of one of her favourite bubble bath brands, but I wouldn't feel right doing the same again.
(plus I don't have $50 spare for another gift card)

Part 4: Job opportunities:
As I was involved with the ACM's international programming contest a few years ago and have a profile on LinkedIn (a Facebook-like site for professionals), I was sent a message by a representative at Google wondering if I'd be interested in hearing about job opportunities.
It took me a bit to figure out what to say, but eventually I did respond in the positive and had a fairly positive phone conversation with her.

I need to send her a copy of my latest academic transcript (which states which courses I've taken and what grade I received) and a copy of my resume.

She's going to pass them along to their Waterloo and Montreal locations (with Seattle a lesser possibility), so I need to ensure my resume looks as good as I can get it.

If I do get to work at Google, I'll have to move, no matter which branch I'd work at.
This'll be rather interesting...

Part 5: DVDs recently acquired
Somehow my dad managed to find copies of all three released Animaniacs volumes in a dump bin for $12.50 each!
(ordinarily, they're around $40 each, and that's at the cheapest place I could find it at, too)

So far, I've watched the firs two disks from the first volume, and have thoroughly enjoyed it!
(I'm going to limit myself to one disk a day so I actually get other stuff done)


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