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It's getting rather annoying.

What with Google Chrome not handling lots of tabs very well (it just squishes them up until only the icon is visible), I often find that page titles become unreadable and have to rely on where I think I remember seeing the tab for my homepage and links site, as they have the default white page that Chrome uses when a page doesn't specify one.

It would be nice not to rely on colour for the icon, so I can use differently-coloured version for my various pages.
(say blue for my homepage, orange for my links page, and tan or yellow for my link tags)

Only problem is, I haven't come up with anything yet.

Any ideas?
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This was originally posted on my FA journal and is copied here so more people can see it and provide their opinions.

At present, I watch about 120 people here on Fa, and most of the people who post the most are artists who can be commissioned to draw artwork for you given some reference pictures or the occasional detailed description.

I also noticed that most of said artwork doesn't usually include backgrounds, or the artists aren't very happy with the way they drew their backgrounds.

Further, I noticed that most of the artwork I have here on FA or in my DA gallery is actually backgrounds, and many of them would (if I ever actually finish them) work quite well as backgrounds for commissions.

So, I see two options for myself (three if you count doing nothing, which I'm going to ignore for now):
  1. Sell permission to other artists for the use of my imagery for the intent of using it in commissions and charging maybe five to twenty dollars for their use (each time preferably)
  2. Get my own artwork act together (which means learning to draw better than I do now, which isn't very well yet) and create 3D backgrounds as I've been doing so far, which you can download for free as desktop backgrounds as-is, or sell people's characters draw into the image for maybe twenty to thirty dollars each, which the commissioner can then do what they like with.

On the whole, both options seem like rather good ideas, though to keep expectations to a reasonable level, I don't want to allow commissioners (mine or those that buy from artists who buy from me) to dictate new backgrounds and only choose those I've done already.
(this would be to keep everyone fairly happy with the amount of time taken to complete a commission, as it can take a fairly long time to create one of these backgrounds, especially if it's to be commission-quality)

Any comments or questions?
(I might eventually post this to my DA journal, but the environment on DA isn't quite so friendly to commissions, and especially of this type, so it probably won't be as worth it as here and on FA)
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So I was browsing through the dollar store last week and found these nice notebooks, good quality pages, nice covers, three different colours, all for a dollar each.
(only sixty pages, but I don't usually use all that much in a notebook)

I've started taking one with me specifically for writing notes on the adventure/puzzle game I'm working on.
So far, I've got some concepts down for several islands, transportation between islands, a communication device, and some of the background story.

To make some sense of things, I'm going to reference some of the history of Cyan World's D'ni culture (which you can find on the DRC's website):

The D'ni are refugees of a great disaster that affected their home Age and are really only one of a number of small groups that fractioned off from the population.
They managed to escape their dying Age by what they call "The Art" (the art of writing Linking Books), which essentially created portals to other realities or Ages.
(D'ni actually means "New Start")
As the D'ni aren't the only refugees from the great disaster, there are other groups that stories could be told of, and it is one of these that I'm thinking of choosing to base my game's story on.
Though, unlike the D'ni that link with books, my aliens use strange machines to link between Ages.
(and the majority of my game will only happen in one Age, the one we live in, and even on our planet Earth)

Anyway, with that out of the way, I've decided that it might be a good idea for my refugees to escape to a separate Age from ours, and have the final action of the player be linking back to that other Age to report on what happened to this other expedition to Earth.
It gives it a great ending point, and even leads very easily into a possible sequel.

Is there nothing a man with a pencil, a pad of paper and an imagination can't do?
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I think my muse escaped.

If anyone finds one that isn't theirs, could they please send it back my way?


Seriously, however, I don't have any ideas for what scenery to work on, and I'm looking for suggestions.

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or possible inspirational pictures or descriptions, please let me know.

If anyone needs ideas of what I've done before, you can find most of them in my DeviantArt gallery.
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Titles for projects of many types just keep popping to mind, and more are popping to in the last couple of weeks than I ever remember before.

Which is probably a good thing, though I really should be writing more of them down.

Here's a short list of titles (the ones I can remember right now) and what I think they might be about:
  • "The Last Kazoo", as a:
    • Short film: Either a large battle between a group of people who want the last known kazoo destroyed and another group of people who want it preserved, or a small
    • Game: very cartoony game about two or more teams of players working against each other trying to gain control of the commemorative Last Kazoo statue. Probably mostly city park-themed, with various weapons like bats, sticks, and the like.
  • "Star Well" (3D scene):
    An old, crumbling well that has nothing at its bottom but endless space. I've started this one already, since the idea is still fresh in my mind's eye.
    (I got the idea from a sign saying "Stairwell", but had lost the 'i' leaving "Starwell")

Requisite work-in-progress shot:

(any constructive criticisms on it are appreciated)

It's rather unusual, but I suppose as I let them happen, I'll eventually get a large file of ideas for later use, which would probably mean I'd be rather valuable to some company when I finally graduate.
(unfortunately, I don't think most companies I'd go into would quite appreciate this)
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From the "Why aren't they doing that?" file:

Personal Radio Recorder:
Most of us are familiar with Personal Video Recorders (PVRs) that let you pause, rewind and record live TV, but doing the same thing for radio would be a Very Good Idea™! It would also be fairly easy, and wouldn't require much of an interface.
(you might get away with a programmable MP3 player with a radio built-in. And no, I don't think an iPod would suffice...)

In other news, I haven't done much in the progress of Tetris-Power, I've still been thinking about it.

In regards to indicating levels, I've been thinking about a cartoony landscape that rotates sideways to hide the old level scene and show a new one.
(imagine that the background is a very large disk who's center point is a bit below the screen)

I'm not sure I want to change how the blocks look yet, but I should probably do something about realism with some kind of shadows...
The simple kind of shadows are when you draw everything twice, the first time you draw surfaces, while the second time you change how drawn objects are transformed so they fall flat onto a plane, which requires that you know where your lights and your plane are and where they're pointed. The disadvantage of this technique is that it works fairly well for projecting shadows onto a flat surface only, and to shadow other surfaces requires rendering everything once for every plane or polygon you want shadows on!
The other kind of shadows also require drawing things twice, but the first time is for shadows (looking from the position of the light, so it works best for sun and spot lights) and the data from that is used to render the actual surfaces. Which would actually require me to figure out how to do that...

I'm currently figuring out exactly how to draw nicely curved objects with OpenGL, and so far I think that a semi-circle texture is the simplest way to go. So far with a test program, this has proven very satisfactory, though I'll need to fine-tune a few things on it...

This, however, brings me right back to the problem of textures not actually showing up in the project... D:
I may have to cut the project apart and sew it back together again, adding pieces until textures no longer appear, assuming they show up again in the first place...

Not fun.

I've cut out the loading system to see if it's causing some problems (so far nothing), so I'll look for other stuff that doesn't make sense (which could be a lot of stuff).

Anybody know OpenGL or know somebody who knows OpenGL that would like to contribute to an open-source project and likes debugging? Anybody? Anyone at all?


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