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My first final exam was earlier today, and as it was for the cinema course, I think I did pretty well on it.
(the only problem is that I only had time to do one of my two routes today, while I have to squeeze the second one in before I leave for a movie tomorrow)

Now I only have the geography course left, which I'm rather concerned about.
It's a pure memorization course, which means I'll have to read absolutely everything that I received for the course in the two or three days before the exam so I can recall as much as possible.

I'll have to be really careful as I haven't had a pure memorization course in years...
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No, seriously!

I usually reward or console myself after each final exam or very difficult midterm by buying some ice cream.
(in whatever form, such as Dairy Queen Blizzard, an ice cream cone from Purdy's Chocolates, or whatever)

So, I had an ice cream after my Tuesday final, and after the first Sunday final, but since the second Sunday final was so late, there weren't any ice cream places open.

Which means I'm short an ice cream.

As I'm going out sometime soon to my Great Aunt, I'll probably go past some ice cream place on the way home.
(apparently she's in need of more games, so I need to find some non-twitch games that she might like)
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Out of the three exams I have this semester, two of them are on a Sunday, on different campuses to boot!

The fortunate part is, I have four hours between them so I actually have time to travel between campuses and get myself mentally prepared for the second one.

The first exam starts at 12pm on the closest campus and runs for three hours, while the second one starts at 7pm and runs for another three hours on the main campus.

The only problem is that the bus I usually take to get down the mountain stops running at 7pm tonight, when the exam starts.
Fortunately, there is another bus that should run late enough so I'm not left stranded.

My third exam is this Tuesday around the middle of the day on the main campus, so it'll be a little easier to get to and get home from.


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