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Those of you who don't watch my DeviantArt gallery or read the CTC forum won't know that I've created a dungeon wall scene in Blender.

It started out as a wall in the Cafe intended as a background for my Cafe Table for two scene, but since has morphed into something a little more impressive:

I'm not entirely sure what my current plans for it are, but I'm sure I'll find something more to do on it.
Maybe I should try making it look old...
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I've got another image to present:

Cafe Wall:

There's a few things about this I want to do over (such as the doorway itself and the glass on the lamps), but most of the scene is pretty good.
(kind of surprising for a scene that could be as old as two years, I'm not sure)

Anyway, I think this scene was supposed to be a backdrop for the cafe chair scene I did around that time, but now I'm not sure it would be a good fit...

Any comments or suggestions?

More news of Tetris-Power:

I've started on the underlying game graphics and mechanics, which translates to loading and rendering a Wavefront Object file.
Next is drawing four of them in a Tetris shape, then moving them with the keyboard, then dropping them into the grid, then, well, you get the idea.

Lots left to do, but it's definitely coming along nicely.

I have to say that I'm almost enjoying this (actually enjoying this would be getting paid to work on it), the amount of thought I have to put into it is a bit much sometimes, but then you realize that you're over-engineering it again, and you really shouldn't be doing it that way.
(kind of like when I made a tape into MP3s and the software crashed. I took almost four hours on Sunday almost tearing my hair out trying to recover the backup files when I could have easily re-recorded it again in 2 hours while doing other stuff as well!)
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What do anthropomorphic animals do with their tails when they're sitting down?

This is mostly in regards to the image of a semi-formal dining room I posted on the CTC forum recently, and primarily dealing with the benches or chairs and how to make them comfortably fit or accommodate tails.

Here's the image again if you're interested: (image updated April 21)

(old image is still available here)

Obviously, different furs have tails of different thicknesses (a Skunk will have a thicker tail than a Cat, for example), so if I use a slot/hole whatever, it'll have to accommodate fairly thick tails.

But the important question is: Do all furs want to drop their tails behind them into who-knows-what on the floor?
Will some rest their tails over their laps instead?

One example of the above is Kat from Sequential Art.

Humans enjoy benches as they permit sitting any which way, including sideways, slouched, straight (though sometimes difficult, especially with some benches), etc., though some find them uncomfortable.

Chairs, on the other hand, usually encourage that the occupant sit in one manner only (though slouching is sometimes possible).

I'm currently working on a slightly different bench style that should allow customers to let their tails hang down behind them or lay their tails in other directions as well, but I'm not sure just how comfortable they look...
(that, among several other things that must be tweaked on the image before I'm ready to post the update)


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