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"It used to be a really scruffy part of town, but it looks like it still has five-o'clock shadow."

This somehow got into my mind this morning and I had to share.
It sounds like something the announcer would say in a cheesy detective show. =^.^=
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About three or four days ago I ran across some video clips on YouTube from an old TV show called "What's My Line?", where a panel of four people who are reasonably well connected tried to guess via yes/no questions what lines of work guests are in.

The part that I found most entertaining (and had me in stitches for quite a while) was the part of the show where they had a mystery guest on, for which the panel had to wear blindfolds so as not to guess the identity of their famous guest.

They had a large number of famous celebrities and otherwise famous people as guests in the many years the show was on, which is large enough I don't think I should try listing any here.

Instead, try going through this playlist:
What's My Line?

There are over a hundred clips on there that range from three minutes all the way up to ten minutes, so make sure to save your place when you have to take a break, as I'm quite sure nobody I know will be able to watch the whole list in one sitting.
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Some time in the future, in a museum of historical media, in the section on pop culture, sub-section TV series, someone will look at the shelf for 2007 and wonder why that shelf is so much smaller than all the others.

One wonders how it will be explained to them...

Incidentally, I currently have three course projects on the go, all are due on various days next week, and they're all on hold while I write fourteen 6-paragraph summaries of important computing science papers, of which I need a minimum of twelve submitted by Monday (at the absolute latest) to get a passing grade...

The first project due is a top-down multiplayer shooter written in Java (the only project I have with a team, and it's about three-quarters done), the second one due is the AniMidi project (which is about one-quarter done. I.e., only the parser...), and the last one is a raytracer written from the ground-up in C++ with no external libraries (I have the majority of the basic building blocks done, but one they're done, I won't have much to do after that).

So it's kind of an understatement to say that I have a full plate for the next week.

Though I really have to say that I'm actually kind of enjoying this semester, as my programming mind has been stretched much farther this time than it has at other times (mostly due to the fact that I took three programming courses this time instead of only one or two, and all of them are project-based courses!), and in ways that haven't overwhelmed me (yet).
(this translates to doing projects that are more interesting than my private projects, but still within my sphere of knowledge)


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