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So the instructor for the annoying course I complained about recently set up a day to meet with us individually (as there were at most ten of us, it wasn't very hard) to discuss our grades.
Naturally I was last (having done the worst of the bunch), and was pleasantly surprised that she gave me a C when I was expecting at absolute best a D or more probably an F.

In happier news, I found a book at the local public library that covers a number of different aspects of writing OpenGL programs, including writing fragment shaders or GLSL shaders.
(pixel shaders, for those of you familiar with Direct3D programming)

It's a rather interesting book, though I'd be more interested in separate books on the individual topics covered instead of one big, thick, heavy book on the whole bunch...


Aug. 3rd, 2010 11:19 am
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I have never said this of any course I've ever taken until this one, but I'm really regretting taking this last AI course under this particular instructor.

She is officially a professor, which means that she is involved with research in her field as well as teaching.

This may or may not be the reason I'm having problems with her.

The problem is that she's kind of forgetful and scatterbrained.
She apparently does know this, and is why she is adamantly against putting up assignment information on a webpage somewhere we can find it easily.

Which brings me to my frustration with her.

With this lack of solid information in a central location regarding what we're supposed to be doing, I haven't been able to get a solid lock on when things are due.
Meaning that I've been late on most assignments.

Though I haven't been the only student late or not even submitting assignments, and I think they're having the same problem I've had.

I mean, if you can't organize your own thoughts, how do you expect your students to organize them for you?!

Yes, she has sent almost all the assignment information to us via email, but she's thrown absolutely everything together, making it an absolute pain to find anything at all.
I've actually started dreading her messages...
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No, seriously!

I usually reward or console myself after each final exam or very difficult midterm by buying some ice cream.
(in whatever form, such as Dairy Queen Blizzard, an ice cream cone from Purdy's Chocolates, or whatever)

So, I had an ice cream after my Tuesday final, and after the first Sunday final, but since the second Sunday final was so late, there weren't any ice cream places open.

Which means I'm short an ice cream.

As I'm going out sometime soon to my Great Aunt, I'll probably go past some ice cream place on the way home.
(apparently she's in need of more games, so I need to find some non-twitch games that she might like)
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Out of the three exams I have this semester, two of them are on a Sunday, on different campuses to boot!

The fortunate part is, I have four hours between them so I actually have time to travel between campuses and get myself mentally prepared for the second one.

The first exam starts at 12pm on the closest campus and runs for three hours, while the second one starts at 7pm and runs for another three hours on the main campus.

The only problem is that the bus I usually take to get down the mountain stops running at 7pm tonight, when the exam starts.
Fortunately, there is another bus that should run late enough so I'm not left stranded.

My third exam is this Tuesday around the middle of the day on the main campus, so it'll be a little easier to get to and get home from.


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