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So, we now have, in a manner of speaking, five cats.

Two by purchase (Callie and Colby), one by adoption (Holly, an ex-stray), one by birth (Tyler), and now one current stray (which we call Schnelly).

At first, we thought that Schnelly was only hanging around our carport for a place to sleep (hence the blanket and box we put out for her).
Then we found out (due to the interest she started showing) that she was hungry, and I started feeding her once every weekday on my way out to class.

However, combine the lull between semesters and the fact that Schnelly no longer seems to be going anywhere else to eat, and she is now asking or demanding (we can't tell which) that we feed her twice a day.

Granted, our understanding of the language spoken by cats is quite rudimentary, so we can't tell if she wants to be petted or fed.
(after I came home from watching Iron Man 2, I managed to pet her for about three minutes, so it's rather obvious that she likes me and probably even wants to come inside...)

Now we're wondering what to do about her interest in coming inside...
She's sat on the front porch and meowed at us fairly consistently at 10pm, so she's at least interested in us.
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At least to us.

She's the mother to our little Holly kitty, who we found some time last year in late November.

She showed up early this month hanging around our carport, with very similar markings to our little kitty (which is one reason we know she's the mother).

To ensure that she stays warm enough in this cold weather, we put a box with a blanket in it near where she's usually seen to help keep her warm in this weather. After a couple days of not being seen, we found her curled up fast asleep inside the box.

She really seems to like that box now, and she doesn't really move much when somebody goes past.
(which probably means she's really asleep, then)

Anyways, since we don't know if she has a name right now, we're calling her Shnelly, after Mooch's girlfriend in Mutts.
(since we can only see her ears now =^.^= )
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I should probably start by telling you about the cats we have at the moment:

Colby: Named after Colby Granger from our favourite TV show Numb3rs, he's a bit wide now, loves attention, but doesn't seem to like snuggling. Maybe because he knows he's too big to fit properly. Orange stripes.

Callie: Rather skittish most of the time, but does want attention on the odd occasion. Gray stripes.

Holly: We found her in our carport, possibly abandoned by a stray cat we've seen hanging around a few months before. Very cuddly when she wants to be, but also tears around at times, and is usually responsible for knocking things over and such. Black and white.

Tyler: The youngest addition to the family, as we didn't quite get Colby fixed soon enough. Looks very much like his father, but unfortunately has Callie's skittishness to an even greater extent. Loves playing with Holly.

Callie and Holly don't like each other very much, though we can't tell for certain what exactly the issue is.

Sometime last year I purchased a laser pointer, and was interested in using it to play with the cats, though as I'd noticed that they get rather jittery after playing with it, I limited myself to using it once in a long while, like at most once a week.

More recently, I'd started using it to lure cats out of my room before bed so they don't make too much noise while I'm sleeping.

This has become a bit of a problem as of late, with almost all the cats hanging around my doorway around bedtime.
Holly has taken things a bit far by hanging around my doorway many times during the day acting very jittery like she's looking for the bright red dot. She's even taken to hiding under my bed where I can't get her out without the laser beam, which would be rewarding her, something I really don't want to encourage.

Today, Holly was hanging around like that again and went under the bed, but this time I decided to close the door (as I usually do before officially getting dressed). After using the computer for a couple hours (I have an assignment due tomorrow), she started scratching at or under the door like she wanted out, but when I got closer to open the door for her, she went back under the bed again. After repeating this several times, I got fed up with her and started trying to send her out the door by swinging at her with a stick-like thing I found under the bed (from my old HotWheels race set, a flexible plastic length of track).

This eventually escalated to yelling at her, knocking on the wall a couple of times, and swinging almost wildly at her, which did get her out the door, but also woke my dad and my little brother. (they sleep late)

Does anybody have a suggestion for trying to get them to forget about the laser pointer?
I'm going to avoid using it on them for a week or two to see if I've been using it too much on them...
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Since when do cats terrorize dogs?

What ever happened to dogs chasing cats?

These are just two of the questions that have been floating around my mind recently when I watch the kittens interacting with the dog.

The dog, Rose, has lived with us for seven or eight years, and is around that old, while the kittens, Callie and Colby, have only been with us for at most six months, probably only four and are about as old as well.

Rose is a very good-natured, polite dog who doesn't like to push people about (unless she's finished eating her dinner or thinks she gets to go out in the back yard).

The cats are, well, cats.
Not much to say here, really, aside from the usual cat comments such as "wants to get as high as possible", "likes exploring", "loves playing with things", etc.

Now, picture this: It's bed time and Rose wants to go to bed, which is upstairs right now.
The cats are on the stairs, and chase her back down when she starts heading up.

The result is that she hangs out in the living room downstairs, waiting for somebody to notice what's going on and escort her upstairs and barricade the door so the cats can't get in...

That's another thing about the cats, when I left the door open a little bit with a doorstop behind it, they managed to push the door open enough to get in and out (fortunately, it wasn't my turn to have Rose, so they couldn't terrorize her that night), so they were annoying.
(apparently I'm a light sleeper)

So, when did cats start chasing dogs?
Anybody know?


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