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It's past 1am right now, so this is going to be brief.

Likely due to the major lack of sleep I'd managed to get during the run of The Mousetrap, I got a pretty major cold right afterwards.
It lasted for about a week, but now I'm still feeling the effects of it more than a week after that.
Mostly stuff in my throat and a bunch of coughing.

At least I'm not required to sing until about June, when auditions for the next panto will be.

I'm still coming up with a list of songs I'm considering for my audition.
Due to issues I've been having with my phone, however, the list keeps getting deleted and I have to start it over again.

Right now, I'm looking for a song about three minutes in length, with no long instrumental introduction (not like the early days of band music, where the singer got second billing – if at all – to the band, and had to come in for the second chorus), preferably no instrumental sections, and preferably with just one singer.

My plan for future auditions is to choose a different artist whose work I enjoy each year, to see just how versatile I can be.
My first audition was with Fred Astaire's The Piccolino, which I'd sung for several years before, so I knew how the song went very well.
The second audition was with Matt Dusk's The Theme from the Loaded Gun, song that has great drive in places, and I managed to improvise a sort of dance routine to go along with it. Got a round of applause for that one, too, so I must have done something right. =^.~=

We have just three weeks left in the month, and it doesn't sound like we've found another place to life just yet, though it sounds like there's one that might possibly work.
I'll have to wait until mom and dad make their decision, though I should probably make sure I start to pack up my stuff too...
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The theatre company I’m with for this year’s panto is also doing a play by Agatha Christie, The Mousetrap, in mid-March of 2015.
Auditions are in about a week, and I have a slot lined up for me.

Only thing is, to actually get a role, I need a so-called “RP” English Accent.
Translated, it's a “Received Pronunciation” accent, or an accent used to portray middle-class British people almost since the BBC’s creation.

The other thing is, I’ve never done accent work before in my life.
Which means I need to get cracking.

Right now, I'm going through Google's search results for “Received Pronunciation training”, and am currently going through ThePhoneVoice’s tutorials on RP British Accent Training.
I’ll be going through several other tutorials as I progress, but I’ll still be sticking to free ones, as I’m kinda broke right now.

While it is a paying role, I don’t know how much it’ll be paying, so I’m not exactly aiming very high just yet.
I have, after all, never done a full role before, so even auditioning for something other than chorus for a panto is going to be pure experience.

If I don’t get the role, I don’t think I’ll be too cut up about it.
I’ll still be able to watch it, after all...


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