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by ~flaviobolla on deviantART

Thought some of my friends on here would like to see this piece of artwork.
(you know who you guys are)

Art update

Sep. 6th, 2012 12:13 pm
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Despite all the bad things that I've been talking about recently, I've been in a frame of mind that makes my artwork come more easily.
(there was a stretch of a month or two, or maybe even three, where I hadn't posted anything, and suddenly I posted two or three pieces in a day!)

So here's a quick list of the latest ones I've posted:

Beach Walk

An idea I had for my Facebook cover picture. Took an hour or two to model and texture and about three hours to render.

Tram Station

Somewhat inspired by Riven's magnetically-levitated trams, this is a concept of what I hope to use in a game that's been sitting on the back burner of my mind for at least ten years.


A small section of a much, much larger library. Though it might actually be too much for Blender to handle, as the user interface is starting to bog down a bit...

I have further ideas, but long render times are keeping me from doing much about them right now.
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Whatever my normal is...
(no! Seriously! Sometimes I don't know what my normal is!)

So, now that my sister is married off, I'm next in line by age.
Fortunately, my mother has said that she'll hold off on nagging me to get married until I get a job, so I'm relatively safe on that score for now.

What I hope to work on this week is my Dig Site game for Android (you can visit the official blog for my projects of that sort on my Tumblr site), redoing some of the fan-art I've been in the process of creating for Darc Sowers' Codename: Hunter comic, and trying to have another look at moving back a version of Ubuntu.
(I've found altogether too many reasons to avoid Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot, it is no longer something I know I can easily ignore)

If I think I can, I might try working some more on my Prolog adventure game framework.
My interest has been piqued after a friend expressed interest in the language's current status.
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This was originally posted on my FA journal and is copied here so more people can see it and provide their opinions.

At present, I watch about 120 people here on Fa, and most of the people who post the most are artists who can be commissioned to draw artwork for you given some reference pictures or the occasional detailed description.

I also noticed that most of said artwork doesn't usually include backgrounds, or the artists aren't very happy with the way they drew their backgrounds.

Further, I noticed that most of the artwork I have here on FA or in my DA gallery is actually backgrounds, and many of them would (if I ever actually finish them) work quite well as backgrounds for commissions.

So, I see two options for myself (three if you count doing nothing, which I'm going to ignore for now):
  1. Sell permission to other artists for the use of my imagery for the intent of using it in commissions and charging maybe five to twenty dollars for their use (each time preferably)
  2. Get my own artwork act together (which means learning to draw better than I do now, which isn't very well yet) and create 3D backgrounds as I've been doing so far, which you can download for free as desktop backgrounds as-is, or sell people's characters draw into the image for maybe twenty to thirty dollars each, which the commissioner can then do what they like with.

On the whole, both options seem like rather good ideas, though to keep expectations to a reasonable level, I don't want to allow commissioners (mine or those that buy from artists who buy from me) to dictate new backgrounds and only choose those I've done already.
(this would be to keep everyone fairly happy with the amount of time taken to complete a commission, as it can take a fairly long time to create one of these backgrounds, especially if it's to be commission-quality)

Any comments or questions?
(I might eventually post this to my DA journal, but the environment on DA isn't quite so friendly to commissions, and especially of this type, so it probably won't be as worth it as here and on FA)
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I think my muse escaped.

If anyone finds one that isn't theirs, could they please send it back my way?


Seriously, however, I don't have any ideas for what scenery to work on, and I'm looking for suggestions.

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or possible inspirational pictures or descriptions, please let me know.

If anyone needs ideas of what I've done before, you can find most of them in my DeviantArt gallery.
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What do anthropomorphic animals do with their tails when they're sitting down?

This is mostly in regards to the image of a semi-formal dining room I posted on the CTC forum recently, and primarily dealing with the benches or chairs and how to make them comfortably fit or accommodate tails.

Here's the image again if you're interested: (image updated April 21)

(old image is still available here)

Obviously, different furs have tails of different thicknesses (a Skunk will have a thicker tail than a Cat, for example), so if I use a slot/hole whatever, it'll have to accommodate fairly thick tails.

But the important question is: Do all furs want to drop their tails behind them into who-knows-what on the floor?
Will some rest their tails over their laps instead?

One example of the above is Kat from Sequential Art.

Humans enjoy benches as they permit sitting any which way, including sideways, slouched, straight (though sometimes difficult, especially with some benches), etc., though some find them uncomfortable.

Chairs, on the other hand, usually encourage that the occupant sit in one manner only (though slouching is sometimes possible).

I'm currently working on a slightly different bench style that should allow customers to let their tails hang down behind them or lay their tails in other directions as well, but I'm not sure just how comfortable they look...
(that, among several other things that must be tweaked on the image before I'm ready to post the update)
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I'm currently procrastinating over another programming assignment due this Wednesday (a video player for the blind), so I though I'd post an image I'm working on.

A water well inspired by the Myst series of games:

I've learned just how much extra realism I can get by enhancing the highlights, and it's so easy to do in Blender that it's become one of the first things I do when I start a new scene.

Oh, and I finally got my grade back for the Tetris game I wrote.
105% for (almost) full marks.
(I hadn't added support for 45 degree rotation)

I'll probably get about as much for the 3D Tetris game I just finished writing for the second assignment...


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