Book Review: The Rosie Project

Sep. 19th, 2017 08:13 pm
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My mom likes reading up on Asperger's syndrome, if only because she raised me. When she's recommended such reading to me in the past, my interest has ranged from medium (Daniel Tammet's Born on a Blue Day) to low (John Elder Robison's Be Different), but a fictional story may help. In this case, the first-person narrator, genetics professor Don Tillman, studies up on Asperger's in the first chapter, but only when the Graeme Simsion novel is nearly over does he begin to entertain the idea that he may have it; he'd just assumed he was one of a kind.

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I have not decided what to read next. Maybe Stephen King's The Gunslinger, which is probably better than its new movie version.

As She Is Spoke

Sep. 17th, 2017 10:56 pm
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“Engrish” humor? Yes, I dig it.
Does that mean I am a bigot?
I think not; I recognize
That I have made pathetic tries
At other languages as well.
It’s simply hard for me to tell
How bad non-English errors get,
Despite translations on the Net.

Cake Wrecks: A Poem

Sep. 11th, 2017 12:12 am
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What defines a “cake wreck”? Well, first, it is a cake.
Most commonly, the decorator made a big mistake.
The message may have typos or be simply hard to read.
The overall design may not be fully as agreed.
The customer’s instructions may get written in the icing.
The form may be too warped for many folks to find enticing.
At times, there’s clearly talent, but it’s kinda gone to waste,
As someone placed an order that’s in questionable taste.
I figure the majority of “wrecks” are fine to eat,
As long as you ignore such shapes as fungus-laden feet,
But some use weird ingredients or toppers that they shouldn’t,
And some look awfully aged. Who’d bite into them? I wouldn’t.
In short, a lot of cakes appear created by a nut.
The good news is, their photos might just make you bust a gut.


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