Dec. 30th, 2016

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Note that this is my third character, and should post my second character's description first, but I'm having problems developing it so Sonya's going next.

Brief note on my second character before I get to my third. Meri (she still doesn't have a last name yet) was originally one of Steve's creations on the Cross Time Cafe board for a collaborative story a bunch of us were involved with. She's a foxtaur from a world that's far more magic-based than technology-based, so she can use magic and doesn't have much experience or exposure to technology. Her particular focus in magic is healing magics. Once the main conflict of the story was over and things were wrapping up, one of the other authors turned her into Carl's girlfriend, and she's been with him ever since. So Sonya is not Carl's girlfriend, because he already has one.

Anyway, I based Sonya on a nameless character we used in a sequel to the above story, a canine waitress in a coffee shop. Since the CTC is essentially outside the normal continuity, I've made like this second story was a TV series, and that Sonya was merely playing a character in the show. Which would also explain the difference in fur colour for the part, etc.

Sonya Redfoot is an Arctic Fox crossed with a Red Fox. And no, I'm not sure why I seem to be so enamoured with foxes. She stands about five-foot-two, and is slender and graceful, almost like there's a cat somewhere in her ancestry. She has the typical arm and leg colouring for a female Red Fox, but blended lightly into her primarily-white coat, making everything come out slightly copper-coloured, just to varying extents.

She can do a bit of magic, the exact extent of which I haven't determined yet, but for sure she can do minor telekinesis, past that I haven't decided yet.

Suggestions and questions welcome.


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