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Huh. Again, this place is covered with dust! Gotta stop forgetting about it...

Anyways, since I've started to get more involved with microcontrollers, and since I'm out a fair bit of the time at maker meetups while I'm working with them, I'd decided that a new laptop was in order. It also helped that I got a fair bit of Christmas money, as well as several back paycheques.

So, almost nine hundred Canadian dollars later, and I'm now typing on my new Lenovo Thinkpad T450. I'm very happy with how light and solid it feels, as well as the performance they managed to cram into a system that's three-quarters of an inch thick, not counting the screen! For example, it runs Team Fortress 2 better than my desktop computer (which is, admittedly, eight years old, and which I'm also working on replacing). It also runs The Saboteur very well (though with some graphical glitches, so it's not completely smooth sailing).

I am having some problems getting the microcontroller development environments set up properly, but that should just take some time to iron out properly. I suspect this is due to the fact that it's running Windows and not Linux, but I am rather hesitant to install Linux on this thing just yet. Especially with this being my very first new laptop ever.
(the last three, yes three, were all hand-me-downs or refurbished devices)

Did I mention that it was light? Just the laptop itself weighs just under four pounds, which feels much lighter than each of my previous laptops.

I've got other news that I'll be posting here later on, mostly good news, so keep an eye out for that.

Date: 2016-03-05 11:30 am (UTC)
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Pleased to hear you got a new machine. I did as well, first machine in 5+ years+ :P

Pro Tip:

You can have your Windows and eat linux too by installing vmWare Workstation Player to run linux on your Windows laptop in a virtual machine:

It looks kinda like this.

Download the .iso of whatever flavor *ix the dev tools work best in.

I recommend you spec 30GB of disk space, 2 cores and 2-3GB memory. More cores will not make things "run better", trust me on this :)

You may possibly have to tweak a BIOS setting to enable enhanced virtual machine CPU instructions. This is dumb as rocks, PCs should be shipped with the instruction set enabled, I have no idea why laptop makers don't do that by default. Details:

Running vm's on your laptop/desktop is super common out here in SillyValley for precisely this use case.

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